Scale Model Parts, Metric Scale Model Supplies for Architects, Engineers,
Scale Model Builders, Interior & Set Designers, Doll House Makers and Toy Train Hobbyists.

Our Product Catalog contains over 1850 items,
including motor vehicles, boats, trains, aircraft,
figures, houses, trees, railings, furniture,
office machines, street lighting and columns.
The products are shown actual size in the catalog,
which may be downloaded by clicking the button above.

View the products on-line by clicking the particular
scale buttons to the left. The images may not be actual
size unless your 17” monitor is set to 1024 X 768 resolution.
You may then download individual catalog pages (PDFs).

Printed catalogs are available for purchase for $14.00 USD.
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This catalog supersedes all previous editions.

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We also do custom casting when time permits.